What we do

Spireaux produces fresh spirulina paste that can be used as an ingredient to fortify a wide variety of existing food products. Our fresh spirulina contains 60-70% protein that consist of a large amount of essential amino acids. Additionally, it is made up of loads of food fibres, vitamins, minerals and polyunsaturated fatty acids.

In order to produce spirulina in regions with unsuitable climate conditions we have developed novel led-based photobioreactors that are able to produce the fresh spirulina paste in and near urban environments for a fraction of the ecological cost of other protein sources. In fact: During our cultivation process, large quantities of CO2 are converted into oxygen.

Our fresh spirulina paste also lacks the strong off-flavour that the dried variety has and can therefore be used as a healthy, vegan and sustainable ingredient in existing food products.

In other words: We use cyanobacteria to make both people and the planet healthier!

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