Commonly known as an algae and mostly sold as a superfood. In fact, spirulina is actually a cyanobacterium and is currently the microbial strain we love to work with the most.

Our spirulina paste contains a wealth of highly nutritious ingredients, varying from anti-oxidants, dietary fibres, polyunsaturated fatty acids, carotenes, vitamins, high omega fatty acids and 7 times as much digestible protein compared to tofu.
Spirulina is currently sold as either a dried powder or pill. These have a strong taste which limits their use as a broader food ingredient. In contrast, our fresh spirulina paste has a neutral flavour and odour and can be easily added to other foods to fortify them.
Spirulina is a truly sustainable source of protein. It can be cultivated for a fraction of the ecologic cost of traditional crops and other protein sources like meat and dairy.